Fit Kids

Fitness For 7 - 17 Year Olds

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Fit Kids is full of various exercises tailor-made for children, to get and keep them fit, along with colour illustrations and progress charts.

Get fit. Stay fit. In just 11-minutes a day!

It is ideal for children, parents, carers and teachers, with the book also promoting fitness in schools. Along with the workouts, there are also chapters on healthy eating, how the body works, fitness as fun, and more!

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"This book is excellent and essential for parents!"

When it comes to exercise and fitness, starting young is essential if you want your children to enjoy an active lifestyle when they get older as well as ensuring that you children stay healthy. This book is a great guide that is designed to help both boys and girls from the ages of 7 to 17 lead a healthy lifestyle.

By Angel Medicine Woman, 16 June 2016
"The beauty of the book is that it makes exercise fun!"

I have been a fan of the Canadian Airforce 5BX plan for years. I bought this book as it has adapted the plan for kids. With 10 grandchildren in the age range (7-17) I am going to have great fun getting them into shape.

By Ian, 14 June 2016
"This book is definitely a must-read for all…"

Fit Kids is an excellent lifestyle guide for teachers of children aged 7 - 14 years old to encourage them to use the five-step fitness plan to raise their health. The BX fitness plans take the children through a range of exercises that can be completed around their term-time and extracurricular activities, require no extra equipment and don't take more than 15 minutes a day.

By christina, 7 June 2016
"It gets right to the point and doesn't play around with the fluff."

FIT KIDS is a guide to exercise and healthier living for kids between seven and seventeen years of age. It features tips on how to make exercising both fun and a part of daily life, detailed charts to keep your kids on track and monitor their progress, and image examples of dozens of exercises.

By DeBorde, 31 May 2016
"Excellent fitness guide!"

This is an excellent children's fitness book, aimed at the parents, teachers, coaches and carers who need to help children get fit, stay fit and develop a love of fitness.

By georgia, 27 may 2016
"The answer to my prayers!"

My kids hate the word “exercise”. It is a four letter word to them and if they had their way it would be banned in our household. But they don’t have it their way.

By Julie Wein, 25 May 2016