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XBX 12-Minute Plan for Women

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Based on the world-famous Royal Canadian Air Force exercise plan, these progressive exercises will take you to peak fitness in your own time and at your own pace.

No special equipment needed. No expensive gym fees. No group memberships.

Just you, the book and 12 minutes a day. With a minimum of space required, the full-colour illustrated plans can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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"I tried Helen Mirren’s 12-minute-a-day workout and this is what happened."

Before beginning my two-week stint, I had been living an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, hunched over my computer and cooped up on the Tube – not dissimilar, I suppose, to an Air Force pilot confined to a cockpit.

By Madeleine Howell, Telegraph journalist, 1 February 2019
"Good Book"

Small book and easy to follow. No equipment or gym membership needed.

By Mandy M, 27 April 2017
"Muffin-top also much better. The beauty of this is it was designed…"

My parents and some of their friends used this and I have too since from my mid-20s (now nearly 50). 2 weeks of exercises is enough to remove back pain for months. Muffin-top also much better.

By Glasgowgirl, 26 June 2017
"just get fit"

Perfect, used this routine years ago and it really does increase your fitness.

By Amazon Customer, 5 April 2016
" “This book is an ideal choice for any woman with limited time but a desire to be fitter and healthier”"

“PHYSICAL FITNESS: 12-Minute Plan for Women” is a guide aimed to help women with busy schedules, not-gym-friendly budgets, or a general lack of motivation to get in shape, stay in shape, and look in shape.

By drangelmedicinewoman, 26 july 2016
"What I Liked Especially"

I really liked this book's conversational but authoritative writing style. Usually a workout book places itself in an ivory tower and then tells the rest of us how we're doing it all wrong. “If you'd knock it off with the donuts, you'd feel better!” But this one feels like it was written by an actual person who actually likes Cheetos as much as I do,

By Jenny B, 16 July 2016
"Best (and simplest) exercise regime ever"

Years ago I came across the best exercise book ever, The Royal Canadian Air Force XBX Plan for Physical Fitness for Women. My copy disappeared and I was never able to replace it since the original was out of print. This book reproduces that plan with clear instructions and pictures.
Cannot recommend it highly enough.

By Shas, 1 September 2015
"Five Stars"

Great Book

By Jane Cooper, 14 December 2015